Did you enjoy this weekend’s Premier League round 5? Whether you missed or watched it, we got you covered. Read through the article as we analyze what happened this weekend.

Premier League
Liverpool opened up a five-point lead at the top to become the new Premier league favorites. Arsenal played themselves into trouble as Manchester United made a progress.

Bookmarks still have reigning champions Manchester City as the favorites to retain the title. However, this is a bold call given that Liverpool is on the run.

After winning their final nine games last season, the European Champions have extended that sequence by a further five matches. They currently sit five points clear at the top of the Premier League table.

Even if Manchester City put a run of their own together, it could be a while before Liverpool surrender the five points. Even after going behind against Newcastle on Saturday, there was no cause for panic.

Liverpool might not be the favorites. But who could be surprised if they are the champions come May?


There are sayings that Arsenal is still lacking leaders. It’s nothing new to see Arsenal struggling with the mental side of the game. But the unwelcome return of an old malaise was as frustrating as ever for Unai Emery in their draw with Watford.

Throwing away a two-goal lead to the side bottom of the Premier League is not the sign of top-four team.
Experienced players like Sokratis, Granit Xhaka and Mesut Ozil needed to show some leadership when Watford began putting on the pressure after the first-half. They should have made sure that the team kept its composure.

Unfortunately, they didn’t. instead, Arsenal capitulated and Emery did not help matters by bringing on two young players into a raucous atmosphere against a side with nothing to lose.

Manchester United

There was an air of foreboding before Manchester United’s home game against Leicester tipped to challenge them for a top-six spot this season.

Several pundits suggested Leicester were favorites to win the match. Even after all the suggestions, it was the home side that took three points thanks to Marcus Rashford’s early penalty. It was a big win for Manchester United.
United now sits at the fourth position in the Premier League table.

Manchester City.

Norwich City played direct but decisive football and caused Manchester City problems.
It was a freak result but Norwich had the confidence to get at Manchester City. And when they did, they found out that they were fallible.

Guardiola’s side struggled with Norwich’s quick passing and pressing for much of the game. Perhaps, the biggest problem for City is that there’ll be other teams watching and thinking maybe we could do that too.