The English are planning exciting news. They have many creative ideas for the upcoming Premier League matches like ‘Noise,’ 360° Repetitions, tactical camera, and fan mosaic. The decision will be made at a meeting of Premier League clubs on Thursday.

Once the main issue was resolved – the suspended Premier League resumed on June 17 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, clubs and organizations began to think about other minor issues.

After the update of the Bundesliga, everyone noticed how sharply every shot sounds in front of the empty stands. The shouts of the coaches or the players are not very pleasant to hear during the TV broadcast. An unpleasant silence for 90 minutes in the Premier League will not bother us.

The Daily Mail writes that the British have come up with a solution. They will put the “noise” of FIFA 20 during the live broadcast. If this news is confirmed, “Noisy” broadcasting will be one of the choices for the British population and not the only one.

PL clubs will meet again on Thursday to work out similar issues to somehow cover up the unpleasant effects of empty stadiums. The English have the idea of placing fan mosaics on the stands. Also, showing 360° repetitions (this is already established in Spain), and introducing the so-called “tactical camera.”


Premier League outsiders are preparing for a strike.


Although the Premier League’s return date has already been set, outsiders are still preparing for the protest.

According to Sky Sports, if due to the Covid-19 teams are not allowed to renew the season, the teams at the bottom of the table are going to refuse on relegation.

Recall that the official renewal of the Premier League is scheduled for June 17. In the first matches, “Aston Villa” and “Sheffield” and “Manchester City” and “Arsenal” will compete with each other.