The president of the Italian Brescia, Massimo Cellino, reiterated that during the Coronavirus pandemic, he categorically opposes the renewal of Serie A.

Moreover, if such a decision is made, his club will not play on the field and will wait for the punishment. “It is simply excluded. If the championship is resumed, Brescia will not participate in it.

This is not a provocation. If they want to reduce our points, in this case, I will take all the responsibility on myself. ”

Massimo Cellino takes the situation in Italy very seriously. He has previously said that the main thing is to take care of people’s health, and football is secondary.

Also noteworthy that Brescia is facing financial problems. They even said that despite the end of the season, they would not be able to return the money paid to the subscribers by the fans.


“I no longer hope for miracles.”


Massimo Cellino, the president of the football club Brescia, also spoke about the difficult situation in Italy. He called on the people of the country to make the right decisions.

“Some people still don’t understand what’s going on, and it’s worse than a virus. I no longer hope for miracles.

We should not discuss when the tournaments will be resumed, but how we will survive,” – he said. At the end of the conversation, Cellino added that he is in favor of handing over the title to Lazio.


Recall that Italy is among the countries most affected by Coronavirus. As of this time, 152,271 cases of infection have been reported in Italy, with 19,468 people dying, the second-highest in the world.