Lorenzo Sanz will live for many years in the memory of those who are connected to Real Madrid.

The era of recent success for the Royal Club began with the seventh Champions League trophy in Amsterdam. Sanz was not a business-educated person and started his career with daily work while doing barber duties. However, he made rapid progress and also made good money while selling items from his car.

Entering his age, Sanz became a successful investor and made quite a lot of money in the 1980s and 1990s. After training with Ramon Mendoza, he became president of Real Madrid in 1995 and brought the club to success.


Sanz’s players brought the team to success


After taking charge of the club, Sanz was involved in the business and loved to run transfers. He had the spirit of a sports director.

“When I get my hands on it, I only need 24 hours to get someone,” Sanz said.

In addition to being able to dig in for transfers, he was also observing his targets live and evaluating them before deciding to buy them. One of his players brought the team to success in the 1998 Champions League final.

It’s about Predrag Mijatovic, who scored the only goal against Juventus. Accordingly, for the first time in 32 years, Real Madrid headed to the top of Europe.

That one title alone was enough to keep Lorenzo Sanz in Royal Club history forever, let alone all his achievements. Lorenzo Sanz was president of Real Madrid from 1995-2000, and he was a true Madridista.


Recall that Former Madrid club president, 76-year-old Lorenzo Sanz died on the night of March 21 due to Covid-19. He was treated at the hospital for three days. Sanz’s son, also named Lorenzo, tweeted about his father’s death and wrote that his father did not deserve such an end.