Josep Guardiola’s season has never started so badly. He does not have negative feedback just because of sports.

For years, Josep Guardiola was the epitome of a great coach.

Pep’s dizzying tiki-taka presented many rivals with an inferiority complex. Barcelona, ​​Munich, Manchester – Guardiola was successful everywhere with this tactic and was collecting titles. The fact that Pep has only won the UCL with Barcelona to date is, of course, a stain, but not so black that the statue of Pep has been severely shaken. But now there are really black clouds on Guardiola.

Last season, Manchester City were 17 points behind champions Liverpool and this was the first sign that the 49-year-old Catalan coach’s possession of the ball is no longer as successful as it was years ago. The trend continued into the new season: City are 13th in the Premier League with 8 points after 5 games. It is true that Pep’s team has one game less, but still: only 2 matches out of five won, shame on Leicester (2: 5), and draws with Leeds and West Ham.

“We have already lost 7 points, which is a lot,” said Guardiola, who again focused on defending style of his opponent. Their defenders stood so deep that it was very difficult to find spaces. However, we still had a chance. ”


‘We have a lot of injuries; this is a problem. Players have no time to rest’


However, the fact that they are compactly defending themselves against Guardiola’s teams is not new. It used to be that way, and then Peppy teams were able to find spaces. Pep says that now his players are tired and that is why it is difficult: “I want better results. But I also have to analyze the situation. We have a lot of injuries, that’s the problem. The players have no rest time and the preparation period was not as it should be.

The draw with West Ham also meant Guardiola had the worst start to the season in his coaching career. Pep is criticized for something else. In the Champions League, after the match won against Porto (3: 1), he was attacked by the coach of the Portuguese club Sergio Conceiçao.

“Pep’s behavior during the match was not really friendly,” Conceiçao said. Guardiola was talking about our country, Portugal, and these were not friendly words. Therefore, I was forced to answer! “