With less than a year before the next presidential election, Josep Maria Bartomeu has already conducted a “cleansing” of his team and left only those people he trusts to the end. He hopes that none of them will run in the elections.

Xavier Boschi, a Mundo Deportivo’s journalist, talks about the problems Bartomeu now faces.




The scandal that began before Coronavirus is still shrouded in mystery. It is true that Bartomeu directly blamed several managers and fired all of them. But the managers themselves deny their participation in the social network scandal, and there is no evidence against them.

Of course, it is in his best interest to find out the truth. Maybe he even thinks that everything has already been resolved and the fans have forgotten it?! We know this is not the case.



“Barca” found itself in a difficult financial situation due to Coronavirus. Managers blame Coronavirus for everything. But we forget that all the grandees were able to normalize the situation, while Barça failed to do so.

At the end of the month, a new budget will have to be presented, and Barça will definitely have to sell the stars. The captains and the whole team easily agreed to reduce the salaries.

Their salvation lies in Coutinho, and the best option would be Newcastle, with its Arab investment. Only then can the budget be approved without a breakthrough.


Income and outcome


Income has fallen sharply, and expenses are almost the same, even though players have reduced their salaries. “Barca” has debts, which they will have to pay with the same schedule as before. Otherwise, interest will be added, and the club will continue to be in debt until it finally goes bankrupt.

A similar problem can be faced by all the clubs whose incomes are unstable. So clubs need to demand new regulations from FIFA. Otherwise, they expect nothing good.


Messi factor


Everyone knows Messi can go. His contract will not deter him from leaving. Although Messi had a fantastic season, Barça still failed to win the league. This was mostly the fault of unsuccessful transfers and an unsuitable coach.

Bartomeu will probably not be able to sort out his relationship with Messi. It is necessary to make transfers, and it will be well known to everyone how difficult it will be at such a time.


Champions League


Winning the Champions League may save Bartomeu’s image at least slightly. Otherwise, both he and Valverde will be remembered with Roma and Liverpool, where the club suffered a terrible defeat.

Maybe “Barca” should appreciate its loyal fans, who, despite two such heavy defeats, still wholeheartedly support their favorite club?! Does anyone deserve to win the league more than them?