The game between PSG and Basaksehir was interrupted yesterday. One of the main referees said a racist word towards the player of Basaksehir. Whole squad of Turkish club left the stadium right away. Today, the match continued from the 15th minute.

Three goals in first half

PSG was on top of the world. In the first half, PSG scored three goals. The duo of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe was on fire against Basaksehir. Keep in mind that experts want Messi to join PSG. Neymar said that he is happy because of friendship with Lionel. Brazilian attacker admitted that there are talks between him and Messi about playing together next season. Spanish journalists believe that Messi will join Mbappe and Neymar next season. It will be a deadly attacking line if Messi signs for PSG. Messi, Mbappe and Neymar can potentially win every possible trophy. Experts believe that Messi wants to win one more Champions League trophy before retiring, so playing with Neymar and Mbappe can make his dream come true. Keep in mind that Barca was demolished by Juventus at Nou Camp. That’s why Messi has no hope for Barcelona’s current squad.

Neymar’s perfect performance

Neymar opened the score-line right away. In just a few minutes of the referee whistle, Neymar dribbled through two opponents and gave lead to PSG. In just a few minutes, Neymar scored his second goal in this match. That was a beautiful goal from Brazilian magician and he increased the lead of PSG. Before the end of the first half, Kylian Mbappe scored the third goal. In the second half, PSG scored two more goals. Both Mbappe and Neymar scored goals in the second half. Basaksehir could score a goal at the end of the match. Final result – 5:1;