Thomas Tuchel is no longer the head coach of Paris Saint-Germain. The leaders of the French Grand removed the German.

On the eve of Christmas, Thomas Tuchel could not have heard the bad news about it.

Paris Saint-Germain officials have given a bad Christmas present to a 47-year-old German coach – they have been fired! However, the day before, PSG beat Strasbourg 4: 0. Yes, you read that, right!

The story of Tuchel’s release was initially reported by Bild, Sky and several reputable publications.

Interestingly, before the match with Strabur, Tuchel openly expressed his dissatisfaction in an interview with Sport 1. He said that despite reaching the Champions League final, he had not once in the previous season felt that the managers were satisfied and respected the work of the coaching staff. Tuchel did not hide that he was very worried about it. “Everybody says we have Neymar and Mbabane and they underestimate our achievements,” Tuchel said. Perhaps it was these statements that influenced the decision of the PSG bosses today.

Thomas Tuchel took over the Paris Grand in the summer of 2018. The team’s goal is to win the UEFA Champions League, which the team could not achieve in the hands of Tuchel. Last season, PSG gathered around Neymar lost to Bayern Munich in the final.