Parisian striker Kylian Mbappe suffered an injury in the first half and could not continue playing. The Atalanta coach also wished the PSG star a speedy recovery.

Kylian Mbappe was injured in the final of the French Cup, in which they defeated Saint-Etienne with a minimum score of 1: 0.

In the 27th minute of the match, Saint-Etienne defender Loic Peren was rude against Mbappe. So, Peren was sent off by the referee after using the VAR. As for the Parisian star, Kylian, who needed the medical staff’s help, could not continue the game.

It is yet unknown what the severity of the injury is. In addition to the League Cup final against PSG Lyon on July 31, the 21-year-old also risks missing out on Champions League play-off matches.

The media published a dialogue between the PSG star and the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, at the award ceremony.

Macron: What’s wrong with you?

Mbappe: There was some small voice.

Macron: Do you think it’s a fracture?

Mbappe: I do not think so.

Macron: Are you going to the hospital from here?

Mbappe: Yes, I will go straight there after the ceremony.

“Everyone who has seen this injury is worried. Of course, I’m nervous too! Mbappe needs to be examined in the near future,” said the Paris Saint-Germain head coach, Thomas Tuchel, after the game.

Logically, the injury of Kylian Mbappe should be taken as good news in Bergamo Atalanta, with whom PSG will face in the ¼ final of the Champions League on August 12. But the comment of the head coach of the Italian team Jan Piero Gasperini proves the opposite:

“Mbappe is a brilliant guy. Hopefully, his injury is not serious. We really do not want to win at the expense of the misfortune of others.”