The police chief of the French department, Bouches-du-Rhone, has signed a strange order. According to him, wearing the PSG uniform on August 23 in the territory of the said department, whose main city is Marseille, is prohibited.

It is easy to see that the ban is linked to the Champions League final, in which the Parisians have to face Bayern Munich. Marseille is considered a relentless opponent of PSG. The matches of these teams, in fact, always end in clashes between the fans. So, that is why the Bush-du-Rhone police are preparing for decisive action.

“We have decided to prevent any attempt to disrupt public order from the very beginning. So far, we have no information about any planned rally of the fans. However, we will still be vigilant. “On the day of the final, it is forbidden to wear a PSG shirt, as well as scarves and any accessories related to this team,” we read the special statement.

We want to remind you that the Champions League’s final match will be held on August 23. It will be hosted by the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Bayern have already won the prestigious award five times. On the other hand, PSG will play in the UCL final for the first time in history.