Thomas Tuchel has called on Christian Pulisic to be patient as he has a role. He insisted that Pulisic is his responsibility.


Tuchel talked about the American Midfielder’s appearances in the team. Tuchel admits it is a ‘Hard Decision’ to make, but everyone has to fight for a place in the starting lineup.

It is understood that, since the German took over the regime at Chelsea Pulisic has never started for the blues.

When answering a question on Pulisic, Tuchel admits it is a hard decision to make but nothing Personal. He said Pulisic will have to be patient as the coach knows his quality.

“I can say nothing else but good things about him,” Tuchel replied

He continued, “Maybe his biggest problem is that I know him from Dortmund. And I think he started only in the cup games. It is my responsibility and it is a bit unfair. But I know what impact he can have in the last 20 or 30 minutes.

“He was a bit unlucky in the last few games. It isn’t a lack of trust or quality.” He added, “It is just that he will have to be patient. It is like this, we have a strong group. The guys have to keep on fighting. There’s no other way.”

Pulisic is yet to cut in on starting 11 for Chelsea under Tuchel and that has raised concern.

Meanwhile, Manchester City defender Joao Cancelo has named Christian Pulisic to be the most difficult opponent he faced. The Chelsea winger has a single goal and an assist in the league this campaign, but Cancelo finds him a tricky man to mark.

“I usually chat with my teammates about it,” Cancelo said.
“It may sound strange. But for me, the most difficult winger I have faced in the Premier League is Pulisic from Chelsea.

“He is a very skillful and fast player with the ball with quick dribbles. So for me, he is the most difficult winger I have played,” he revealed.