The Spanish coach met with journalists after the match. Barcelona has scored five goals against Eibar and won the match.

Performance that words can’t describe

After the match, Quique Setien said that Barcelona had a perfect performance. The coach noted that Barcelona is always a good team but in some cases, the team lacks converting shots into the goals. Barcelona scored five goals and had a perfect night. Quique believes that nothing serious changed in the team during the week. Spanish coach noted that the team is still working hard and wants to win all possible trophies. 61 years old coach mentioned the importance of matches like this. According to Quique, it’s important to have matches like this as it boosts the motivation.

Lionel Messi is unstoppable

Quique Setien said that Lionel Messi is not from our universe. Argentinean player scored four goals and made it look easy. Quique noted that Messi is doing the same thing for the last 14 years, that’s why he is best. 

Spanish coach believes that having Messi means that you are under control. The coach noted that Lionel Messi can score many goals. If there is no goal, then he can help the team with assists. That’s how Messi became the six-times the best player in the world.

Being the leader of La Liga

The Spanish coach said that being a leader fo La Liga is very important. At the same time, coach believes that half of the season is still ahead. Quique said that leadership will give more responsibility to Barcelona’s players. 

Along with those topics, Quique also noted the importance of Spanish media in the success of Barcelona. Quique Setien says that media can talk what they want. Team is only focused on particular matches. The team has to work hard and keep improving every week. Media’s work is to make noise and sell the newspapers with shocking headlines. Quique Setien said that player doesn’t even care about the news.