La Liga’s season is going to a very logical end. Still, we don’t know who will be a champion.

Atletico Madrid has better chances

Yes, we know that Atletico Madrid has better chances because they have more points than Real Madrid and Barcelona. Keep in mind that Messi’s team and Atletico have to face each other in May and it will be a very interesting game. In that particule game, we may see who can be a champion of this La Liga. Real Madrid won a very important El Clasico last week and the team is now in good condition for winning La Liga. For instance, Barca and Atletico may play a draw and Real Madrid will become the top team in La Liga.


Real Madrid in physical limit

Zinedine Zidane was not happy after the game against Liverpool. In the second-leg of the tie, Real Madird got many injured players. Injuries and covid-19 cases are biggest opponents for Real Madrid this season. Zinedine Zidane said that Real Madrid is at a physical limit. He can’t play with the main squad players because most of them are injured or tested positive for covid. Varane and Valverde are in isolation due to covid. At the same time Ramos, Carvajal, Casemiro, Mendy and Hazard are injured. It means that Real Madrid has to finish the season with a second-tier starting line-up. Keep in mind that Los Blancos is playing in the Champions League too which could be a serious threat for the starting line-up.


Messi’s Barcelona

After winning a Copa Del Rey, a smile returned on Messi’s face. It seems that Messi and his teammates will have a big end of the season. Laporta said that he wants to win a second trophy this season, so the team will do their best to win La Liga. It’s believed that Barcelona can win the game against Atletico Madrid in May and win the trophy. They believe that Real Madrid will lose points in upcoming games and it will be easy for Barca to win the title.