Romelu Lukaku faces racial abuse after playing a match at Sardegna Arena Stadium against Cagliari on September 1st.

Romelu lukaku racism

Former Manchester City captain, Vincent Kompany, says it is “disgraceful” how Lukaku is suffering. He adds that  they need to show more of the organization in the football bodies.

“I always take it much further. Romelu is a victim of something “disgraceful” that happened not just in a football stadium, but also in society,” Kompany told Sky Sports News on Wednesday.

The Inter Milan striker, Romelu Lukaku, experienced monkey chants, preparing to give his shot off a penalty kick during a Serie A match.

These chants are heard before and after the penalty. Romelu scored at 72nd minute and the team emerged victorious with a 2-1 win.

It is a shock when Cagliari Calcio strongly rejects all the happenings during the match.

They claim, “We are sorry you thought what happened in Cagliari was racist.”

Curva Nord says that Cagliari’s fans were showing “respect” to Lukaku when aiming those monkey chants.

In a letter to Romelu, they stated, ” We understand that it could have seemed racist to you but it’s not like that.”

One of the tweets read,” Please consider this attitude of Italian fans as a form of respect for the fact they are afraid of you for the goals you might score against their teams and not because they hate you or they are racist.”

Lukaku is the latest player who has suffered racial abuse after other Manchester United stars like Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford.

Abraham Tammy, the Chelsea striker, had experienced the same abuse on social media. It is most likely that players [blacks] undergo such abuse across the world.

During the last season, Kean Moise from Everton suffered similar abuse when playing at Cagliari Sardegna Arena for Juventus.

In most cases like in UEFA, Italy and England, there is lack of diversity especially where power takes charge. This results into less right decisions made when it comes to sanctions.

To fight racism, Romelu Lukaku makes a plea to the football organizations authorities to unite.