UEFA governing body Aleksander Ceferin has faced criticism for not being strong enough with its punishments for racism discrimination.

The problem of society, not just football

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin suggested that a reform of the body rules of the racism could be carried out, but said that this issue is a problem for broader society, not just football. The governing body of European football has faced criticism for not sufficiently punishing discrimination. Ceferin promised to “wage war against racists” after England players suffered racist abuses in the Euro 2020 qualifying match against Bulgaria in October. Slovenes praised UEFA for its commercial success but acknowledged that the organization has more work when it comes to fighting racism. Speaking at the UEFA Congress in Amsterdam on Tuesday, Aleksander said: “Everything has to change.

We can proud of ourselves

“We must start by applying the rules that we already have. That would be a good starting point. It means applying a three-step procedure. We should not be afraid of this. Everywhere. No exceptions.” Over the past three seasons, UEFA disciplinary bodies have entered 73 partial closures, of the stadiums, and ordered to hold 39 matches behind closed doors after incidents of discrimination. “This shows that we are doing what we can do now. But it also shows how serious this is and what we need to do more. More, and maybe in a different way. So that we can once again be proud of ourselves.”

Football is a celebration of life

Aleksander added: “Football is, first of all, a celebration of life, community, and unity. It is an exchange. It is about separation.”The problem is not on the field, where diversity is higher than in any other sport and, probably, in any other part society. The problem is in our communities. And this should stop.”Ceferin also warned not to put “profit over the goal” and informed about the danger of overworking players.”When the goal over profit becomes profit over the purpose, it’s time to raise the alarm,” said Ceferin. Football is not just business like any other. He has a history, tradition, and structure that must be respected.

“The football pyramid is delicate and should not be off-balance. A particular concern is some projects, some of which are developed on other continents with the support of governing bodies.” Supporters are not consumers. Or customers. They are supporters. Players are not cars. Or groceries or pawns. “No football administrator, regardless of ego size, should think that we are the stars of the game. We are only the guardians of the game.”