Milan are fighting for a trip to the Europa League. Significant changes are expected in the team. Before the match against Napoli, Paolo Maldini again made a harsh comment.


In the fight for the trip to the Europa League, Milan played 2: 2 against the direct competitor Napoli and remained directly in the fight to reach the group stage of the tournament. However, German coach Ralf Rangnick remains the main topic around Rossoneri, who is expected to be the head coach and sports director of Milan at the same time.

Ahead of the match against Napoli, Milan legend Paolo Maldini, who is now the club’s technical director, reiterated his views about Rangnick and made no secret of his skepticism about bringing a specialist to Germany called ‘Professor Ralf’ to Milan.

“I will gladly repeat what I said about Ralf Rangnick in January,” Maldini told Sky Italia. Maldini then noted that Rangnik is not a worthy candidate for the post of Milan head coach.

“I have nothing against this person personally. I don’t like his methods, “Maldini added, declining to comment further on the club and its future. It is noteworthy that Maldini’s positions in Milan are very weak. The club’s general manager Ivan Gazidis does not consider his opinion.

Recall that about the agreement between Rangnik and Milan was also actively reported in March. Rossoneri’s sporting director Zvonimir Boban publicly criticized  ​​bringing Ralf into the team, which led to Boban’s dismissal. This fact convinced everyone that the German’s appointment was real. Paolo Maldini, who said in May that the Germans were demanding full power, was always critical of Rangnick.