Sergio Ramos is invited by Paris Saint-Germain. The French offer a fabulous contract to the Real Madrid captain.

Sergio Ramos’ future at Real Madrid is still uncertain. The captain’s contract with the Royal Club expires in the summer, which means that from January 1, other top clubs can already officially start negotiations with him.

The Spanish edition AS writes that Paris Saint-Germain aimed to recruit him. The French Grand are ready to offer a fabulous salary to 34-year-old Ramos. According to reports, the French will offer him a 3-year contract and 20 million Euros a year.

AS writes that a high salary is not the main thing for Ramos and he just wants to sign a two-year contract. His salary at Real is now 12 million Euros. Madrid offer to extend the contract with a 1 + 1 system, in which the +1 year until 2022 depends on a certain number of games. Ramos wants more guarantees.

Sergio Ramos has just made his 177th appearance for Spain and will play against Germany in the League of Nations on Tuesday. The 34-year-old defender will then return to Madrid, where he has been playing since 2005. Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane has recently said that extending Ramos’ contract should be an absolute priority.