Real Madrid will play against Chelsea on Tuesday evening. Raphael Varane met with the press and talked about many things.

Few words about Champions League

Raphael Varane said that Real Madrid won four Champions League titles with him, so it’s always good to see a team qualifying in the last games of the tournament. He said that CL is a different kind of tournament and Los Blancos players are ready to put everything on the pitch. 


Varane’s opinion about Chelsea

French defender said that Chelsea is a complete team. He noted that Tuchel helped the team to control paces and every part of the pitch. French defender said that Chelsea is really good with and without the ball, in most cases they don’t even have any issues in midfield, defense or even attacking line. Varane said that the game on Tuesday night will be very calm and interesting. None of the team will try to attack right away because they are both into the final stage of the tournament. It’s the kind of the game where one little mistake can cost you the Champions League trophy. That’s why Varane said that both teams are complete and they have to be careful when it comes to defending and attacking.


Raphael’s form and Militao

Real Madrid’s defender got a question about his form. He said that inside he is feeling really good and wants to play more. As you may know, Varane was absent due to Covid-19 and he could not help the team, after a return he got a minor injury and missed one week. Raphael said that currently he is fit and can play 90 minutes against Chelsea. At the same time, Raphael said that Militao has shown his true potential and it’s visible that he can dominate the pitch, so there will be no problem for Real Madrid.