Raphael Varane talked with Uefa’s representatives before the Champions League clash. Keep in mind that Los Blancos will face Liverpool on Tuesday night.

Pressure on Varane

French defender said that pressure is a big inspiration for him. When someone puts pressure on Varane, he gets motivated every time. Young player noted that there has always been big pressure on his shoulders, that’s why he could win so many trophies. Keep in mind that Varane won La Liga titles, Champions League titles and even the World Cup title with French national team in 2018. Raphael has won almost every possible big trophy as a footballer can do. During the interview, he said that in most cases pressure gives him big adrenaline and that’s why he runs so much during the game. When he is under pressure, Varane thinks and makes decisions very fast. That’s why the current football world has changed a lot. There is big pressure not only from the coach or fans, but also from newspapers and journalists.


Game against Liverpool

Raphael Varane said that the game against Liverpool will be very tough. During the interview, he admitted that Liverpool was not a desirable opponent at this stage. Keep in mind that game will be played for a spot in ½ finals. Varane said that there is big pressure on Real Madrid players as their opponent is Liverpool. He said that due to pressure, all the squad members know that they have to give their maximum potential. He noted that games like this create a big atmosphere in football. Varane admitted that they will give everything against Liverpool even though Ramos will be absent. Keep in mind that Los Blancos captain was injured during the international break. He could not help Spanish national team in the final game on tuesday. That’s why Varane will be along with Militao or Nacho. French defender said that he is ready for a big challenge against Liverpool.