The Manchester United striker, Marcus Rashford became a hero to families across England through his tireless campaign to raise free meals for children over the holidays.

Reportedly, Marcus Rashford is set to miss out on the BBC Sports Personality award of the year shortlisting. Better known for his exploits on the pitch for United, Rashford has risen to prominence this year. His work off the pitch has highlighted the need to feed children through the government’s free school meals program.

With a predicted difficult winter for families, the 22-year-old called on the government to continue the provision into half-term and the Christmas holidays. The government rejected the petition and in response, local councils and businesses have take it upon themselves to back Rashford.

The striker’s activism has led to calls for him to be nominated for BBC Sports Personality of the Year that will take place on 20th December. However, the current rules state that a nomination must be based on the “sporting achievements”.

Unless there is a change in the criteria, Rashford is unlikely to miss out. Moreover, according to the Daily Mail officials, the BBC are aware of the possible “backlash” they could receive.

Despite, the criteria, Rashford could be in line for the Helen Rollason Award that awards the “outstanding achievement in the face of adversity”.

Meanwhile, West Ham United joint Chairman, David Sullivan has donated £25,000 towards free meals through the charity Fare share that Rashford has been supporting.

Sullivan said, “Marcus Rashford has done such a fantastic job of raising awareness and leading the way in tackling this very important issue that impacts so many youngsters in our local communities up and down the country”.

“It’s a privilege to be able to help. On a national level, the impact of the Child Food Poverty Taskforce will be huge. Whole close to home, I’m really proud that the club has been supporting free school meals during school holidays for years now and we have seen what a continuous difference it is making in our local community”.