Real Madrid has a perfect form in the last three matches. After a devastating game in Paris against PSG, Zidane changed his approach. Los Blancos won two of three games and got one goalless draw against Atletico. Keep in mind that Real Madrid has not conceded any goals after match in Paris.

James and Bale were out of squad list

Surprisingly Zidane has not included Bale or James in the squad list for Brugge. Belgium team is not an easy opponent as they have not lost a match in 2019 yet, so Zidane had to think twice before listing players into the squad.

1st half of the game

The game was a bit different from the start. We all waited for domination from Real Madrid, but Los Blancos could not create a moment to shoot on target. Surprisingly, Brugge could open the score on the 9th minute. After a VAR check, officials decided that there was no offside and Dennis scored his first goal.

Los Blancos players were in shock and could not believe that they have conceded an easy goal. Courtois was the main reason why Real Madrid conceded that easy goal. Madrid players became sharp in attack but could not score a goal in the first half. Varane had a perfect header, but Mingolet saved the moment. At the same time, Toni Kroos had two easy chances to score in the penalty area, but he could not shoot on target.

On the 39th minute, Dennis scored his second goal. It was a shocking news for Real Madrid as they were down with two goals and there had to be massive changes after the break.

2nd half of the match

Zidane made big decisions in the second half. Marcelo started the game from the 46th minute and substituted Nacho. French coach made another big decision – Areola substituted Courtois. The Belgian goalkeeper was not in good shape, and after the match, Zidane said that the keeper had stomach problems.

Ramos scored a goal in the 55th minute, and Casemiro helped Real Madrid in the 85th minute to save the match. Real Madrid is in the last position in the group. Madrid players have to win all the games against Galatasaray to secure a spot in 1/8 finals.

Zidane was not happy

After the match, Zidane met with journalists and talked about the devastating result. Frenchman was not satisfied with the performance. Zizou said that the first goal Los Blancos conceded was laughable. Frenchman said that team players were not focused and they deserved this result.