After Ronaldo’s departure, Santiago Bernabeu was not filled fully. On Wednesday, the Bernabeu administration noted that the match against PSG is entirely sold.

What changed in Real Madrid since October?

The worst disaster for Zidane happened in September. Real Madrid lost a match in Paris and could not even shot on target. The whole world was laughing about Real Madrid’s weak performance, and Zidane had to change.

What happened since September? Frech coach found the rhythm of Los Blancos and changed the strategy. As it seems, Zidane was waiting for Valverde’s return. Uruguayan player was injured since August, so Real Madrid’s strategy was not working correctly.

In October, Fede returned from injury and joined the starting lineup from the first minute. Casemiro and Valverde are critical players of Real Madrid’s midfield. After Fede’s return, Real Madrid changed and won most of the matches.

Hazard found his rhythm

Back in Chelsea, Hazard was unstoppable. Belgium’s captain was dribbling through few defenders easily in Premier League but had a very tough start in Spain. Journalists and fans were criticizing him since August. Zidane was hailing Hazard after every match, even after failures. As it seems, Zidane was right because Hazard is back in shape, and he is playing like a perfect attacker.

Real Madrid won all-important matches in October and November. As of now, Los Blancos is sharing the first position with Barcelona. Real Madrid could score 15 goals in the last four matches of La Liga.

Uruguayan Legend, Lugano hailed Valverde

Lugano is a legendary player in Uruguay. He met with journalists and talked about Fede Valverde. Lugano noted youngster’s success was a matter of time.

Uruguayan mentioned that from the start, the coaching staff knew that Valverde had perfect qualities for the midfielder. Former footballer also noted that Zidane deserves credit for Fede’s success. Zidane was patient with him, and it matters a lot in footballer’s development.

Lugano said that Valverde would be a world-class player in the next five years, and it’s inevitable. Fede will lead Real Madrid to success in the next decade, according to Lugano.