The British government recently reintroduced a two-week isolation period for anyone returning to the UK from Spain.

Real Madrid must undergo a 14 day quarantine period until the match with Man City

Real Madrid footballers and staff will not be forced to undergo a 14-day quarantine period upon entering the UK. In response to their Champions League round-of-16 second-leg match with Manchester City. The British government recently reintroduced a two-week isolation period for anyone returning to the UK from Spain. It added the country to its list of “at-risk” countries after authorities warned it could be experiencing a “second wave” of coronavirus cases. In a statement to reporters, The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports (DCMS) indicated that: “those exempted individuals will live and work in controlled ‘bubble’ environments behind closed doors”. It added that these rules apply to “sports stars, officials, coaches, medics, mechanics and incoming media representatives.”

All the UCL games must be played behind closed doors

Pep Guardiola’s side is 2-1 up ahead of the upcoming match on August 7. With second-half scored goals from Gabriel Jesus and Kevin De Bruyne setting the Manchester club in the driving seat as they see a spot in the quarterfinals. The match will take place at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium. As the UEFA Executive Committee has ruled that all remaining last-16 ties in the Champions League.  As well as the Europa League – will be played at their original venues whenever possible. However, they stated that the grounds for placement could be changed if the stadium is found to be unsafe in any way.


In a statement announced on July 9, the governing body wrote: “UEFA will continue to supervise the situation. And reserve the right to reassign any similar matches to the venues of the final tournament. So the respective competition should new events occur that would make it impossible for one or more matches to be played at the original venues.”

The latest figures in Spain have put the number of Covid-19 deaths above 28,000. With authorities saying 922 infections reported on Friday alone. While officials are tracking more than 280 active outbreaks across the country. Following the conclusion of the round of 16, the Champions League quarterfinals. Semi-finals and the final will take place in Portugal starting on August 12. With all teams facing each other in a one-stage knockout match. As UEFA strives to end the competition as quickly and safely as possible.