Real Madrid has to save the season with two tournaments. Zidane’s team can win these leagues – CL and La Liga.

Never ending injuries

As you may know, Real Madrid has problems when it comes to the health of the players. Zidane could not come up with a healthy starting line-up in the last eleven months. Los Blancos players are either injured or out of service due to covid. The biggest problem this season was the health condition of Eden Hazard. It’s believed that doctors and the medical team of Los Blancos refused to operate on the knee of Belgian player. After signing a contract with Real Madrid, Eden played only 30% of the possible games. The big fact is that Eden Hazard missed all the El Clasico games in two seasons playing for Real Madrid. Los Blancos won three games out of four, so it seems that Zidane knows how to play a team without Eden Hazard.


Injuries in defensive line

There are issues in the defensive line. First of all, Sergio Ramos will be a free agent in the summer. It’s believed that Florentino Perez can’t agree on the terms of the contract with Sergio Ramos. Captain of the team and his agent met with Perez a few times and they could not agree on pillar points of the contract. Sergio Ramos wants to stay three more seasons in Madrid while Perez offers only 1+1 contract which is a disrespect in the eyes of the captain of the team.

Sergio Ramos got three injuries during the season. At this point, Real Madrid won both, ⅛ and ¼ finals of the Champions League without Ramos. On the other hand, Raphael Varane could not help Los Blancos against Liverpool. Team won the game against Liverpool in Madrid and played a goalless draw in England. Real Madrid has serious issues in the defensive line and Zidane knows how to save the season. He played with the Real Madrid B defenders against Gatafe. There won’t be any other chance in upcoming games of La Liga.