Real Madrid has to win the game against Osasuna to stay in the fight of La Liga. It will be a dramatic end of the season for the Spanish clubs.

Game against Osasuna

Real Madrid will host Osasuna on Saturday night. It will be a very interesting game in many perspectives. Keep in mind that Barcelona lost a very important match against Granada two days ago. On Thursday night, Granada scored two goals in the second half against Barcelona and made the biggest shock-comeback against the Catalonia team. Barcelona lost the game and lost big hope for the Championship of La Liga. Ronald Koeman is still convinced that Barca has better chances to win La Liga and they only have to win all the possible games that are left. Barca and all other teams in Spain have to play five more games in the Primera Division. Game against Osasuna will be very tough for Real Madrid. Zidane’s team has to face Chelsea in London on Wednesday night. Team has to take care of both games because losing points on Saturday may be worth losing the La Liga title for Los Blancos.


Squad against Osasuna

In the game against Chelsea, Real Madrid’s defensive and midfield line was looking bad. It was visible that Kroos and Modric could not keep up with the midfielder of Chelsea. French player Kante was everywhere and he was on top of the world in that game. Kroos and Modric could not do anything against Kante. That’s why Chelsea has four real chances to score and increase their lead in the first half of the game. Experts said that Kroos and Modric are at their limits. None of those players had a chance to rest and have a little bit of recovery. Unfortunately to Real Madrid fans, the team has serious problems when it comes to injuries. That’s why Modric and Toni are playing for every game, 90 minutes without exception. The biggest dilemma for Zidane will be the squad against Osasuna.