Zinedine Zidane thinks about different tactics. French coach and his assistant could not come up with the right strategy for the current squad. Zidane tried almost every player in the team during the first three rounds of La Liga. Nineteen players had a chance all ready to play in August for Real Madrid. Zidane tried different strategies even with two center forwards – Benzema and Jovic together.

Hazard could be the key to Real Madrid’s attack

Twenty-eight years old playmaker is expected to be back in 1 week. Belgian is already recovering, and two days ago, he had training in the field. After Ronaldo’s departure, Real Madrid could not score goals and became very poor in attack. Real Madrid has a massive weapon in attack, Bale and Benzema, but can’t use them correctly. Zinedine Zidane is still trying to find a strategy that will be perfect for Gareth and Karim.


There are still lots of options for an attack, but even the club can’t score lots of goals. Vinicius, Vazquez, Gareth Bale, Benzema, and Jovic are fit, but Real Madrid lots 4 points in August. As the reporters claim, the French coach has big plans for Hazard and Rodrygo. Both players are injured, and everyone waits for their recovery. According to Marca, Eden and Rodrygo will be able to play against Levante.

Zidane included Rodrygo in Champions League Squad

It was a big surprise that Rordygo was named in Champion League squad. As you know, clubs have to send official squad list to Uefa on 4th September. Spanish journalists were sure that Rodrygo would play in Castilla, but Zidane impressed us yet again.

As it seems, Zidane has big plans for Rodrygo and Eden Hazard. Those playmakers can go on wings and play there. So, it will be interesting to see Hazard on the left side and Rodrygo on the right-wing of attack.

All eyes on the game against Levante

The valencia-based team is the first opponent of Real Madrid after the break. On 14th September, teams will face on Santiago Bernabeu. Fitness coach hopes to have Hazard and Rodrygo ready. We might see “number 7” debut on Bernabeu, and it could be a magical show.

Experts think that Hazard will bring not only skills but also good mood. Club players are a bit disappointed because of losing 4 points, but Hazard can be a new “talisman.” As you may know, Hazard is a very outgoing person on and off the field. So, it will be a massive boost for team performance on and off the ground.