Los Blancos won the game against Atalanta. Team is very close to the next round of Champions League.

Scoring goal away from Madrid

Nacho Fernandez was the main defender in the game. He played a perfect match in a Madrid career. Along with Raphael Varane, Nacho was a real wall for the attacking line of Atalanta. Unfortunately to Atalanta fans, Nacho and Varane played well and Italian club could not make a serious impact on the result.

Spanish defender said that the team did everything perfectly. He noted that Real Madrid was controlling the match from a start to the end of the game. Nacho said that Real Madrid came to Italy for a big win and they did everything as scheduled. Los Blancos scored a late goal and Nacho is also happy about it. Spanish player praised Mendy and his performance. Mendy scored a goal and gave an important win to his team. Nacho admitted that scoring a late goal was ice on the cake for a Madrid club. Fernandez said that a clean sheet is also a very important fact. He noted that Atalanta was very tough and aggressive from the start but they could not make a serious impact. 


Lucas Vazquez about the advantage of Real Madrid

Spanish player Lucas is a favorite of Zidane. He played as a right full-back in absence of Dani Carvajal. Lucas said that winning the first-leg game in Italy is a big advantage for Real Madrid. Vazquez admitted that the team has to be very patient and play another 90 minutes in a good mood to advance to the next level. As you may know, Real Madrid is not playing at Santiago Bernabeu due to the reconstruction process. Lucas praised Mendy and his courage. Scoring a beauty goal in the last minute of the game is not easy. Lucas said that Mendy has to be more courageous in the next games.