What happened to Real Madrid? Coach changed, the strategy changed but the result is the same. Keep in mind that Real Madrid had the same week period last season to win trophies.

One week under Santiago Solari

As you may know, Santiago Solari was the coach of Real Madrid before Zidane. Solari had the same ‘week-period’ under his coaching to win the trophies. As you remember, Real Madrid lost major trophies last season in just one week. Los Blancos played against Ajax Amsterdam in the middle of the week. The team from the Netherlands could defeat Los Blancos. In just three days, Barcelona won the away match against Los Merengues. In just three days Real Madrid lost two major trophies – Champions League and La Liga.

Same scenario in 2020

Zinedine Zidane has the same scenario in 2020. Los Blanco had a match against Manchester City on Wednesday. The team will play against Barcelona in three days. Spanish experts believe that Zidane will lose both competitions in just one week. Keep in mind that home demolishing from the City almost decided the outcome of the tie. Last week, Barcelona became the leader of La Liga. Real Madrid lost the leadership and now the team will play against Barcelona

Hopes for both trophies

Pep Guardiola said that Real Madrid is a very tough opponent. The Spanish coach said that Manchester City should not celebrate the win. According to Pep, Real Madrid is the only team that can come-back from any situation. What will happen at Etihad? It’s still a mystery but Pep is afraid of Los Blancos.

Zidane believes that Real Madrid can win both trophies. La Liga is still on the verge and can defeat Barcelona. If Los Blancos wins the home match against Barcelona, it would be a huge boost and motivation. Zidane said that Merengues need motivation and Clasico would be the perfect match.