Spanish television CUATRO just leaked the hidden details about the Real Madrid squad fines. We all know that clubs have and need some discipline, so players should keep up with the rules. If someone is not following the rules, then he may be fined. Let’s discuss all types of regulations and fines Real Madrid squad players get during the season.

1000 Euros fine for being late on training or match

Being late at training talks a lot about the discipline of player. Real Madrid gives up to 1000 Euro fines for any player who is late for a match or training. Being late in the Madrid training session could be bad for the player. First of all, Real Madrid asks players to be on time for training. Los Blancos players have to come in a training facility 45 minutes before the training starts. If someone is 5 minutes late, he should pay 250 Euros. And that amount of fine is increased gradually. Up to 1000 Euros could increase the amount of punishment.

Keep in mind that the player will pay 3000 Euros for skipping a training session. Zidane loves two-part training sessions for each day, so it’s a tough task for players to keep up with discipline.

Being on phone while training

If you are using the phone while there is a training session, then you’ll be fined. The minimum fine could be 250 Euros for using the phone once during the training session. When the player is not disciplined and does the same stuff over again, fine could increase to 1000 Euros.

You lose excess weight or lose money!

When the players come back overweight after summer vacations, they will get fine. Lowest fine stands for 250 Euros, but when the player continues with the same weight, then he will be fined with more money. Keep in mind that overweight players get special treatment from fitness coaches. If a player is not following unique therapy for losing weight, then he has to pay 1000 Euros fine.

Special occasions, traveling, interviews, TV shows – what are the fines for those situations.

Real Madrid squad players need to take permission from the coach for day-off travel. When a player wants to attend the event in a different country, they need permission. If they don’t seek approval, Real Madrid will fine them with 1000 Euros.

The club representatives must approve every interview, TV shows, or conference meet-up. The player should always wear club gear during the official meeting, press-conferences, etc.