Injuries – the main headache of Zidane. French coach is not happy with injuries but he admitted that will do everything that is in his hands.

Karim Benzema and Sergio Ramos out

As you may know, Sergio Ramos got injured against German national team. Spain was playing for Nation’s League and Sergio Ramos could not finish the game. In the end Spain won the game with 6 goals difference but Ramos was not the reason. The captain of Real Madrid has a bad feeling in hamstring, so he will be out for a few weeks. Spanish defender already posted videos on Instagram where he is getting ready for come-back. Along with Ramos, Karim Benzema also got injured. He will be out for one more week. Karim could not help Los Blancos on Saturday against Villarreal, and he won’t be against Inter Milan too. Valverde is also injured and he started recovery but come-back will happen in 2021. 

Real Madrid may be relegated to Europa League?

There is a big chance that Real Madrid won’t win the group of Champions League. If Real Madrid gets another defeat in Champions League, it’s likely that team will take third place and be relegated to Europa League. Keep in mind that Los Blancos has only four points and Monchengladbach has one more point while sitting in first position. Real Madrid won the previous match against Inter Milan. It was a home game in Madrid and Rodrygo scored a big winner. Due to Rodrygo’s goal, Los Blancos still has a chance to win the Champions League group. It will be a big shock for many if Real Madrid is relegated to the Europa League.