Last weekend, French superstar broke the internet. French player said that he will leave PSG next summer and he will look for the next club. As it seems, PSG’s owners can’t change his mind. At the same time, who will pay 200+ Million Euros for Mbappe? Spanish experts believe that Florentino Perez is saving for his last project – Kylian Mbappe.

Zidane is the idol of Mbappe

As you may know, Kylian is a big fan of Zinedine Zidane. French coach was the best player in the world once and he won the Ballon D’or. Kylian mentioned a few times that Zidane was his idol when growing up, especially in France. Mbappe said that he was growing up when Zidane was playing in the World Cup in Germany and his performance during the world cup was impressive. At the same time Kylian wants to have as successful a career as Cristiano Ronaldo. There are lots of images where Kylian is fanboying over Cristiano Ronaldo. Just like Portugese forward, Kylian wants to created a history at Real Madrid. 

Who will pay 200+ Million Euros?

Covid changed the football industry for good. Experts believe that economic recession will continue until 2022. As for now, European clubs can’t pay big checks for superstars and that’s why summer of 2020 was very boring when it comes to transfers. The only club that could sign and pay for big stars was Chelsea. The London based team was banned from the transfer window for two seasons and that’s why Blues had a chance to send paychecks. 

PSG is not going to let Kylian leave Paris at a cheap price. Parisian journalists believe that the team will let go of Kylian for 200+ million Euros. Florentino Perez has not paid any players this summer and the team could end the season with positive profits. Stadium of Real Madrid will be reopened soon and after that project, Perez wants to sign another Galactico before leaving the managerial position.