According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Real Madrid officially started working on Eriksen’s transfer. It was impossible to sign a Danish player in summer because of the high fees. Now Tottenham has inside problems, and Eriksen could be cheaper than expected.

Eriksen was ready for transfer in June.

When Denmark was playing against Georgia, Danish journalists asked Christian about the transfer updates. The playmaker was happy and said that he is waiting for an offer from Los Blancos. As you may know, Zidane is a big fan of Paul Pogba. The French coach was trying to sign French midfielders for the whole summer but failed. While Los Blancos had focused only on Paul, they have lost two targets – van de Beek and Christian Eriksen. Christian stayed in London in summer and decided to fulfill the contract until the end.

Daniel Levy is not happy with the midfielder

Tottenham’s owner and chairman, Daniel Levy, is not pleased with Christian. Chairman was trying to give Danish player a new contract, but he refused. Christian Eriksen wants to finish the deal and then leave the club. Keep in mind that agreement with Tottenham comes to an end in the summer of 2020. Levy has a problem – if Eriksen keeps his word and stays in London till June, Danish player will become a free agent. So, Tottenham won’t be able to take a fee for Eriksen’s transfer.

That’s why Levy asked Tottenham officials to start negotiations with Real Madrid representative. Keep in mind that Eriksen was close to transferring in Los Blancos, but it failed because of the high fee. As of now, Tottenham’s chairman has no other option. Eriksen has to be sold in the winter transfer window. Otherwise, the North London team won’t be able to take the transfer fee.

Real Madrid has problems in midfield

There are lots of injured players in Madrid. Los Blancos players were injured during the pre-season, and mostly, those players are midfielders. Isco, James, Modric, Casemiro, Valverde, and now Kroos joined the injured player’s list. Every Midfielder of Real Madrid had an injury since August. Zidane needs new players because there were games when Real Madrid had only three midfielders ready for matches.

Eriksen would be a perfect option for Real Madrid. There will be only one issue – Eriksen won’t be able to play for Real Madrid in the Champions League. Danish player already played two games for Tottenham in the Champions League, so he has no right to help other teams in 2019/2020.