Real Madrid officials decided to sign a few critical players in January. As you know, Real Madrid was keen on signing Paul Pogba in summer. Unfortunately for Zinedine Zidane, Manchester United put a 200 Million Euro price tag on French midfielder. Florentino Perez thinks that 200 Million is too much for one player and decided to wait for one more transfer window.

Real Madrid needs players in midfield

There is a problem with a midfield line of Real Madrid. Players like Isco, Modric, Valverde, and James already had injuries, so they could not help the team in a few matches. Keep in mind that Isco is still injured while Modric, James, and Valverde returned with the main squad a few days ago. Four pillar players could not help Real Madrid in August and September.

Los Blancos lost one very vital game in Paris without good midfield players. PSG destroyed Real Madrid in a 3-0 match, and we saw that Real Madrid needs good midfielders. If Zidane can’t sign Paul Pogba, then the team will look for other midfielders.

Van De Beek is the best replacement of Luka Modric

Luka Modric had an injury and could not help Real Madrid for three weeks. Modric gets more injuries as he is aging. Croatian player is not young anymore and can’t dribble as he could five years ago. Los Blancos could not sign Pogba to replace Modric, so that’s why Croatian magician stayed in Madrid for one more season.

As it seems, Zidane wants to sign Van De Beek. Dutch player was one of the most critical players of Ajax last season. Ajax dominated the local championship (Eredivisie) and Champions League last year. If not Lucas Moura, Ajax could play in the final of the Champions League. The biggest stars of Ajax left the team for Barcelona and Juventus. We saw many rumors about Donny’s transfer to Real Madrid, but Zidane had hope in Pogba’s transfer till the last minute of the transfer window. As it seems, Perez will do best to sign Donny Van de Beek in January to strengthen the midfield.

Tale of Christian Eriksen

Journalists were writing about Eriksen’s transfer in May of 2019. Before the match against Georgia, Eriksen talked about his move to Real Madrid and said that he is waiting for Zidane’s call. Unfortunately, Zidane could not call anyone because of interest in Pogba. Now everything is clear, and Zidane wants to sign Eriksen in January. Kroos and Modric need replacements, and that should be extra-class midfielders. As it seems, Donny van de Beek and Christian Eriksen would be the initial target of Real Madrid in January.