Los Blancos will have 7 matches in December. Their first match in December against Shakhtar was not successful. The team lost the game and could not even score a goal. It was an awful start to December. What can happen by the end of the year?

Last Match in Champions League Group Stage

Real Madrid will face Monchengladbach on Wednesday. 9th December will decide many things, especially for Zidane. Experts believe that Zidane may be fired if Real Madrid can’t qualify for next round. Keep in mind that it will be the first time for Los Blancos to not qualify for the next round. The chance of that will be very high, especially if the main players can’t play. 

Monchengladbach is in first position now. Los Merengues can win the game if they want to qualify for next round. Eden Hazard won’t be there along with Sergio Ramos and Dani Carvajal. 

Six matches in La Liga

Next three matches in La Liga will be decisive for Real Madrid. One game will be away and two straight at home stadium. Los Blancos will play an away match against Sevilla on Saturday evening. Next week, the team will host Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao three days apart. 

Last three matches will be against weaker teams that are Atletico Madrid and Sevilla. Los Blancos has an away match against Eibar on 21st December. They will host Granada on 23th December and try to win another home-game. Last match of the year will be against Elche. It will be an away game from home-stadium. 30th December will be the last match for Real Madrid in 2020. 

In general, Real Madrid has a very tough 2020. First of all, Los Blancos won the Super Cup of Spain in January. Team won the semi-final against Valencia and final against Atletico. Summer was successful for Real MAdrid as they won another La Liga title. After September 2020, the team can’t win big matches. Although Zidane won El Clasico at Nou Camp, the team can’t keep up winning consistently.