Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid played the final match of Spanish Supercopa. If we keep it simple, none of these teams had to be in the final of the Supercopa. None of those teams have won the Copa Del Rey or became the champion of La Liga. Spanish football federation wanted to have an international approach to Supercopa, so they have invited Real Madrid and Atletico for Supercopa.

Pre-match preparations

It was clear that Zidane wanted to play with the same strategy. French coach started the match against Valencia with five midfielders, and it was a game-changer decision. Real Madrid players were always more in midfield and could control the ball quickly. Los Blancos easily won the match in the semi-final against Valencia and advanced to the final.

On the other hand, Atletico Madrid had a real battle with Barcelona. Lionel Messi and his teammates scored two goals in the second half. Barcelona kept the winning scoreboard by the 80th minute. Unfortunately to Barcelona fans, everything changed on 81st minute when Atletico was rewarded with a penalty kick. Morata used that penalty, and in two minutes, Correa scored another goal. It was an easy three minutes come-back for Atletico.

The final match of Supercopa

Experts believed that the game would be boring. Those experts were right, as none of the teams could produce a 100% moment to score. Both sides had shots on target but could not score a goal in 90 minutes. Even in extra time, none of them could score the goal. We saw one critical moment of the match in the 115th minute. Alvaro Morata got one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Federico Valverde fouled on Alvaro, and Atletico lost the chance to score the goal. Valverde got the red card, and after the match, he was rewarded with the “Man of the Match” award. Zidane believes that it was a game-changing moment. Valverde sacrificed himself for the trophy.

Real Madrid won the penalty shoot-out. Los Blancos players scored four, and Atletico could score only one penalty. Keep in mind that Thibaut Courtois elegantly saved one penalty. Real Madrid won the Spanish Supercopa 2020. Zidane won 9 out of 9 finals in a professional coaching career.