Real Madrid starlet Kubo is going to change the way Getafe is playing. Spanish club signed Kubo for the rest of the season.

Kubo has a spot in starting line-up

Bordalas did not give Kubo a chance for the starting line-up in the first match. It was a debut game for Kubo and of course he was not expecting a spot in the main 11. Keep in mind that Kubo could not even train fully with the Getafe’s main squad. Bordalas’ team played well in the first half and deserved the result. Elche opened the score-line but Getfae equalized soon. First half ended with a draw.

Real Madrid’s starlet is the game-changer

In the second half, Bordalas decided to give a chance to starlet. Youngster took the chance and entered the pitch in the 64th minute. Kubo was a total game-changer and it was visible on his wing. Japanese player was attacking from the right wing and Elche could not do anything against him. In just five minutes after entering the pitch, Kubo took the ball in the area of the penalty spot. He went through two opponents and took the shot. Goalkeeper of Elche could not save the ball and Jaime Mata was there. The striker of Getafe scored an easy goal thanks to Kubo. It was a first sign that Kubo was capable of more. In just a few minutes after taking the lead, Kubo decided to attack more. He was attacking from the right wing and suddenly he could easily cross the ball in the penalty area. Elche’s defender played badly on Mata because Kubo’s cross was perfect and Jaime could score a goal. Referee pointed to the penalty spot and that’s how Getafe got their third goal. Kubo changed the game and the way Getafe is attacking.