According to the latest reports, Real Madrid welcomes the idea of renewing the championship with empty tribunes.

Given the current situation, the Royal Club absolutely shares the view that the renewal of the championship in front of the full stands is associated with high risks.

Los Blancos are really eager to renew the championship. So, they are ready to follow all the rules and norms.

According to La Liga President, Javier Tebas, the renewal of La Liga is very important.

“I think everyone should take care of the renewal of La Liga. If the championship is not renewed the total loss will exceed 1 billion euros, do you know what that means? The fact that the clubs will face a serious crisis and the management, in general, will have to give up many new projects,” – Tebas said.


When will La Liga be renewed – 3 possible dates


La Liga president Javier Tebas held a 100-minute video conference with Spanish journalists today. Naturally, the main topic was the renewal date of the Spanish Championship that was suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Scenarios currently under consideration include the renewal of La Liga on May 28, or June 6. This date may be extended to June 28. We need to see what happens in April. This applies not only to Spain but to the whole world.” – said Tebas.


The decision has been made – when will “Real” resume training?


Zinedine Zidane has decided to resume the training. After consulting with the coaching staff, the French legend concluded that his team should start training two weeks before the resumption of La Liga season.

According to Zizu, two weeks is the time that will be enough for the team to meet the renewal of the season at the height of the call.

At the same time, all players continue to train at home and expect new directives.