As you know, Real is in intensive negotiations with RB Leipzig about Upamecano’s transfer. But the deal may fail.

According to Defensacentral, Real Madrid has intensive negotiations with “Leipzig,” which will be about the transfer of Daiot Upamecano. However, there is one important component, due to which the head coach of the Royal Club may block the transfer of the player.

The reason is that, despite the excellent physical strength of the French defender, he often receives unexpected injuries.

In the 2018/19 season alone, Dayot Upamecano has missed more than 100 days due to injuries. So, he could not help the team in many confrontations.

Last season was relatively straightforward in this regard. Though, he had a muscle problem at least a few times during the season.

Due to the fact that “Real” has a very heavy workload throughout the season, it must be raised to the level of calling the players’ physical condition. But, Upamecano cannot even withstand the workload of “Leipzig” in the German championship as required by the standard.

So, Zizou is not sure that Dayot’s physical condition will be ready to stand the heavy workload. Accordingly, he will most likely block the transfer.

Let’s see how things turn out.