Real Madrid had a great match against Eibar on Saturday. Los Blancos was successful against Eibar last season, as a team lost a game at Eibar’s stadium. What has changed since Zidane’s return?

Real Eden Hazard is back.

Belgian player was very successful against Eibar. Winger dribbled through few defenders for few times. Hazard was the main man against Eibar as he led Real Madrid’s attack.

Hazard was not playing well since the start of the season. Ex-Chelsea player returned after vacation overweight. Spanish newspapers criticized him for being overweight. Because of fat, he could not run as he could in the Premier League.

As it seems, Hazard is back on track. Zidane said that the player lost weight since arrival, and now he is playing well. Hazard is feeling better, and he admitted that he is playing with more joy.

Valverde – the backbone of Real Madrid

Zidane could not find a relevant starting line-up since August. Real Madrid lost crucial matches in September and August. After Valverde’s return, the French coach gave him a chance against Atletico. Uruguayan player trained only four times before facing Deigo Simeone’s team. 

As it seems, Zidane was historically right as Valverde changed the game of Los Blancos. Fede took the defending role of Toni Kroos and gave a boost to Casemiro’s confidence. Toni Kroos started playing as a play-maker, and he made a significant change. Without Valverde, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric can’t impact on the match. 

Thibaut Courtois is not conceding goals after the Brugge match.

As you may know, Zidane replaced Thibaut in the second half of Brugge’s match. By that time, Spanish newspapers suggested that the Belgian goalkeeper lost the trust of Zidane. Unfortunately for goalkeepers haters, Thibaut is back on track. Belgian player has a perfect run – he is not conceding goals for the last five matches. He is invincible for 533 straight minutes. 

Courtois already surpassed Keylor Navas record with few minutes. Now Belgian is a real wall that no one can quickly destroy.

Zidane’s addiction to rotations

Zinedine Zidane believes that without rotations, it’s impossible to win marathon-like leagues. La Liga is the supreme goal for Real Madrid this season. Zidane admitted that he would do a lot of rotation throughout the season to give players rest. 

Everyone was shocked after seeing Rodrygo on the bench against Eibar. The youngster had a perfect performance on Wednesday, and no one could believe that Zidane benched him.

After the match, the French coach and Rodrygo both were happy. Rodrygo said that he needed a rest after three consecutive games, and Brazillian admitted that he got the trust of Zidane.

At the same time, Zinedine said that there are more than 20 players, and each of them needs playing time.