There is a crisis in Roma – the players confronted the coach. The management of the club wants to invite Max Allegri.

A lot of things are out of order in Rome. Giallorossi had the hardest week, which added to the rebellion and rift in the team. According to Corriere Dello Sport, the players refused to train at Trigoria base on Thursday morning.

Roma head coach Paulo Fonseca and his assistants waited in vain for the players on the pitch. One of the reasons for the players’ protest was the dismissal of the team manager, Gianluca Gombar. It was he who was blamed for the 6th substitution made by mistake in the Italian Cup with the special, which put the team in danger of technical failure.

Clearly, the reason for the rebellion was not just Gombar. It seems the ideal relationship between the players and Portuguese Fonseca is no longer there. As the famous edition writes, there was a heated confrontation between Fonseca and one of the leading players. But he does not specify the identity. Eventually, a dialogue took place between the players and the team representatives, which lasted about 3 hours, and the players resumed training in the afternoon.


Allegri – as a coach?


At the same time, Corriere Dello Sport writes that the Roma leadership, namely Dan and Ryan Friedkin’s, want to appoint Massimiliano Allegri as the club’s head coach. The experienced Italian specialist has been unemployed for a year and a half and will probably gladly accept their proposal. Max is asking for at least 7 million euros a season in salary. It is noteworthy that Allegri prefers the interested team to take over the summer not during the season, but before it starts. However, he may make an exception now, as Fonseca is shrouded in a future fog.

Recall that Roma lost the Roman derby to Lazio 0: 3 in Serie A a week ago, which resulted in a 2: 4 loss in extra time to the home team in the 1/8 finals of the Italian Cup. This game turned out to be a comedy for Romas: in extra time, two players received a red card in a one-minute interval. The most interesting thing was that there were 6 substitutions in the ranks of “Giallorossi”. In Rome it was thought that due to extra time the 5 + 1 replacement rule worked. But this is not the case. Thus, even if Roma did not lose, it would probably be considered a technical loss.

Roma are fourth in Serie A with 34 points and have reached the 1/16 finals of the Europa League. It is said that the fate of Paulo Fonseca will depend on the outcome of the 19th round match of Serie A against Serie A.