Jose Mourinho demands that the referees be allowed to give explanations. The Portuguese specialist believes that the referees should explain their actions.

In the last rounds of the Premier League, the VAR and the referees’ verdict have become the subject of criticism. As usual, Tottenham’s current head coach, Jose Mourinho, expresses most of his dissatisfaction. It is rare for a Portuguese specialist to have at least one remark with the main referee of the match.

The current head coach of “Spurs” asks the Premier League leaders to allow the referees to give explanations on their decisions with the media:

The main part of this sport are players, referees, and coaches. Referees play the most significant role in matches.

I know it is forbidden for them, but it would be good if they would answer specific questions: admit that they were wrong or say that they did the right thing and that they judged that meeting well.

I think I shouldn’t celebrate a goal anymore because you never know exactly if this goal will count for you or not.


Mourinho does not give up on VAR: “Everyone already knows everything.”


Tottenham faced Bournemouth in the last round of the Premier League and played a draw 0: 0.

After the match, another comment was made by the head of the Londoners, Jose Mourinho. He criticized the video-referee once again.

“It was the same video referee we had against Sheffield, and everything is clear – everyone knows everything.

“I can not say that Kane scored that goal 100%, but the penalty definitely belonged to us,” said Jose.