According to the latest reports by German tabloid Bild, there was a meeting between Bayern Munich players and club management on Monday, where they agreed to cut their salaries and give them to other club staff.

You may have already known that due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all types of sports have been suspended. The virus has done a great deal of damage to football as well. All leading championships are temporarily suspended.

Because of this situation, people in various clubs found themselves in serious financial crisis. Some have had their salaries reduced, while others have been out of work.

At this time, Bayern Munich players and club leaders have decided to give up 20 percent of their salaries and help those working at the club.

The German club is not the only one to do so. Another Bundesliga grand, Borussia Dortmund, has already done something similar. Similar decisions were made in Barcelona and Juventus as well.


Dortmund players have also declined to take their wages


Dortmund Borussia players have declined more than 20% of their salary during the Coronavirus hiatus. According to Bild, the decision will help the Dortmund club maintain a workplace for 850 employees.

Before Dortmund, another German club, Gladbach, also made a similar decision. Due to the decision, the club will save about a million euros a month.

Recall that the Bundesliga, with 25 rounds held, has been suspended due to COVID 19. Borussia Dortmund is second with 4 points behind Bayern Munich.