The boss of the Italian Coaching Federation has called for Juve, Inter and Milan to be kicked out of Serie A as punishment for participating in the Super League.

Dirty trick against the football system

Renzo Ulivieri, president of the Italian association Allenatori Calcio, accused the three clubs of a dirty trick after being announced as one of the 12 founding members of the splinter competition, sparking outrage among the football world. Milan, Juventus and Inter, along with six Premier League clubs and three League sides, have announced their intention to form a new competition that is widely seen as a direct challenge to the national leagues and the Champions League.

Renzo Ulivieri said it was a dirty trick against the football system, even at lower levels, to save teams that did everything wrong in managing their clubs and that it was a serious blow to the national championships. Inter, Milan and Juventus cannot continue to stay in Serie A. Juventus won many championships because it organized better, because it spent more money, but also because it earned a lot of debt.


The Super League situation

Inter, Juventus and Milan are among the confirmed clubs for the new competition and will be regular entrants to the big money tournament with guaranteed annual payments while planning to continue playing Serie A. However, the announcement was followed by backlash with opposition from fans, national associations, politicians and even some players and coaches from the clubs involved.

The Premier League has unanimously and firmly rejected the proposals and plans to take action against the six sides from the English top flight who have signed up. However, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez with Los Blancos is one of 12 teams – rejected threats of bans and consequences and insisted that they would push for plans to launch this August.