Premier League referees are to be encouraged to make more use of pitchside VAR monitors. Referees chief, Mike Riley will inform the clubs later this week.

All 20-top-flight clubs will be represented at a meeting with Riley in central London on Thursday.

At the top of the agenda will be the ongoing controversies around VAR. These controversies were also witness on Saturday. Sheffield United had a goal ruled out at Tottenham because of a marginal offside decision.

Riley is to be quizzed on various VAR issues including inconsistencies in decision-making. Also, the time VAR takes for rulings to be made which in some instances has been several minutes after goals are scored.

It is acknowledged that solutions are not straight forward. However, it is anticipated the referee’s chief will tell clubs the on-field referee will make more use of monitors.

It was envisaged that would happen from the point VAR came into use in the Premier League but Riley advised referees not to use them to prevent additional delays.

It is now felt the on-field referee is best placed to make marginal calls because they are more aware of the flow of the game and the atmosphere at the time.