Former Barcelona striker Rivaldo Ferreira has spoken about the possible appointment of Xavi as the club’s head coach.

“I think Xavi will become the coach of Barcelona in the future because he is not only a good person knowing the club from the inside, but in my opinion, he has good coaching qualities as well.”

“At some point, he learns that it’s time to coach Barça and try to bring his team closer to his golden generation at the Camp Nou.”

“With such expectations, the pressure will be high because he has had a professional career, like Guardiola, with a somewhat identical playing style, and Xavi can copy the system in which he himself was a maestro.”

“Of course it will be difficult to do something like that. He will need the right players at the right time to make his system work perfectly.”

“Such pressure occurs when other people trust a big club with the highest ambitions to you. Any coach would like to work in Barcelona.

“A lot will depend on the players when Xavi takes over at Barcelona. He will need two or three noisy acquisitions to strengthen the squad, which will give Guardiola a chance to get closer to the level,” BetFair quoted Rivaldo as saying.


Xavi’s record in the Champions League


“Opta” reminded us of the genius result of Xavi in the Champions League, for which no one has reached yet. Maestro made 184 passes against Celtic in 2012, which is undoubtedly the best result.

As it was mentioned above, no one has ever done such a thing, and it is very likely that the record will not be compromised in the near future.