Rivaldo liked the decision of the organizers. “Maybe some players were angry with this decision, but it is the right decision.”

As you know, the Golden Ball winner will not be revealed for the first time in 64 years. The reason for this is the suspended football season due to the coronavirus. The award ceremony and related events will not be held.

Due to the pandemic, many important tournaments have also been postponed. Among them, the European Championship, the Copa America, the Tokyo Olympics, etc. seem to be the next mentioned award on the list.

The former Barcelona striker Rivaldo commented on it.

“It’s the right decision. It was a weird season. A lot of matches were played behind closed doors, and some players, for example, in Ligue 1, ended the season prematurely. Maybe some players were angry with that decision, including obviously Robert Lewandowski. Polish forward of Bayern have won the Bundesliga and are ahead of the Champions League so that they can fight with Messi and Ronaldo for this award. But still, I think the organizers made the right decision,” said Rivaldo.

Lionel Messi was the last to win the golden ball. The Argentine has won the award six times, which is the best result in history. Leo’s epoch-making rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, is just one golden ball behind him. In 2007, Ricardo Kaka won the award, and the second and third places went to Cristiano and Messi. Since 2008, their dominance has begun, and the first player to beat both the Portuguese and the Argentine was Luka Modric. Croatia won this prize in 2018. The following season, the Blaugrana captain conceded the best player’s title to no one and won the Golden Ball for the sixth time.