Brazilian legend Rivaldo: Barca are missing Luis Suarez and, in his absence, they’re putting all the responsibility on Leo Messi.

Problems in Barca without Suarez

Since Luis Suarez is still fading into the background due to injury. Barcelona legend Rivaldo says that “no one else on the team seems to be able to help” Leo Messi in the creative department. The Blueagrana found out at its cost in the clash of El Clasico with the arch-rivals of Real on Sunday. Quique Setien went to Santiago Bernabeu at the top of the League standings. But with a 2-0 defeat, he applied a “form” and now rolled back to the second. Messi was unable to summon yet another talisman performance in his last outing against old opponents. And the support staff offered him little help. Rivaldo admits that questions in the final third become alarming for Barca. The Camp Nou icon tells reporters: “As usual, Messi had little space to play the game.”

Barca lost a lot

He is the winner of the Barca match, and if he defends well, their chances of being threatening in an attack is greatly reduced. At the moment he is the only player in Barcelona. ​Taking responsibility for the ball, shooting from abroad and trying to unbalance the opposing defenders.”Without Luis Suarez, Barcelona loses a lot, because, except for Messi, they have no other player that might surprise opponents. The Uruguayan works a lot fearlessly and very often puts up against the sword of confrontation. Barcelona misses Suarez and, in his absence, blames Messi.

The Cules blew up a “great chance”

“When they lose, everyone starts asking what happened to Messi.”Rivaldo believes that Barca blew up a “great chance” to take control of the 2019-20 race in the Spanish capital. With an intriguing struggle for inherent superiority, which would seem to be determined by the best of the edges. The Brazilian added: The players of Setien knew that El Clasico is a great chance for them to run away to the top of La Liga. Having lost to Santiago Bernabeu, they should feel that they have squandered the opportunity at an essential stage of the season.

Barcelona played well in the first half and could score the primary goal. Which would change the approach of both teams. But they were not clinical and in the second half, Madrid managed to play better and take advantage of their chances. So in such matches, every detail can make a difference, and if Barcelona had scored first, I’m sure everything would have been different. But this time, this did not happen, and Madrid eventually took on more risks in the second half and are rewarded for it. Barcelona will be back on Saturday when they play host to Real Sociedad.