Rivaldo: I see no improvement as Quique Setien arrived, Barcelona depend on Messi too much. They play with the new system, which makes them even more dependent on Lionel Messi.

The team more dependent on Messi

Barca this season has become even more dependent on Leo Messi. The club has not achieved any success since Quique Setien inherited managerial reins from Ernesto Valverde, Rivaldo admitted. The current champions of La Liga are now again at the top of the table but retain only two points over the Real. The Blaugrana must block the horns with their old opponents still on Sunday in the final installment of Clasico’s fierce rivalry. Messi expected to inspire Santiago Bernabéu once again, while Rivaldo has not seen any signs of improvement since the change to the duel made at Camp Nou. The Barcelona legend told reporters: Barcelona will go to Santiago Bernabeu with two points over Real Madrid in La Liga.

Barca plays with the new system

“But the match will not be decisive in the title race, as we have seen both teams lose points to smaller clubs. However, it would give Barcelona a good pillow and the satisfaction of leaving their old enemy season in tatters.”But they have not improved with the new manager Quique Setien and the team really did not find their best form this season. Barca have great players, but they should be much better at owning. They also need to shoot more from outside the box to surprise their opponents.”They play with the new system, which makes them even more dependent on Messi. As he is responsible for changing the situation with his dribbling, shooting from outside the area and combining with teammates.

Setien should use Martin Braithwaite more regularly

“But as we saw against Napoli in the Champions League this week. Opponents are targeting Messi, and if he doesn’t show the team, he immediately feels it.”I believe that Barca earned an essential equalizer in Napoli, and taking 1-1 back to Camp Nou should be enough to help them consolidate their qualifications in the second segment.”Rivaldo believes that mismanagement and poor decision-making on the field and beyond has led Barcelona to face uncomfortable questions. With Setien, he called for an emergency striker signing Martin Braithwaite’s more attention. After one 18-minute replacement walk so far the Brazilian winner of the World Cup added: “Barca have injuries and suspensions that can be argued for in their second stage against Napoli. It comes from poor club planning after some players left in January, and almost no reinforcements arrived.

“Arturo Vidal sent off at Napoli, but the player of his experience had to control himself and remembered that the referees are less tolerant in the Champions League than in La Liga.”Meanwhile, the possible absence of Gerard Piquet in El Clasico could be a considerable blow to Barca. He is the leader on the field and is responsible for organizing the defense. I believe that he will recover on time, as he is a fighter is always ready to give everything for the club. “Barcelona will miss Luis Suarez, but they should start using his new Martin Braithwaite signing more often.” You cannot sign a 28-year-old striker for 18 million euros to stay on the bench and play for a few minutes. The manager should start using it more regularly.”