Bayern Munich had an interesting game against Wolfsburg. It was a mid-week tour in the Bundesliga and the leader was obliged to win the match.

Flick’s decision of sharp attacking line

German coach Flick decided to use a very interesting attacking line. Robert Lewandowski was the main striker as always. Polish footballer won the personal award again two days ago from Fifa. Robert was on point against Wolfsburg and scored goals to help his team. Flick made an interesting decision – three attacking players in the midfield. In general, Flick is using two wingers from the start. Yesterday, Flick started with Sane, Gnabry and Coman at the same time. Coman was attacking from the right side, so Leroy Sane could play from the left. Keep in mind that Leroy’s original position is a left wing. Gnabry was playing along with Muller to help Lewandowski score goals.

Come-back from Bayern Munich

Wolfsburg was first to open the score-line. Team was very sharp on counter-attacks. IN a very first counter-attack, Wolfsburg players could score a goal. Bayern Munich started very sharp attacks and they played well until the whistle of the referee. Robert Lewandowski was there to equalize the game until the first 45 minutes ended.

In the second half, Bayern Munich was attacking a lot. In just a few minutes after the start of the second half, Bayern players played a perfect combination. Keep in mind that the Wolfsburg defender made a big mistake and could not reach the ball.  That’s where Robert Lewandowski used the chance and went for the goal. He went in the penalty area, chose the target and scored a beautiful goal. Robert Lewandowski scored two goals and gave three points to Bayern Munich. Currently the German giant is the leader of the Bundesliga. Team members are happy with the draw of the Champions League last 16. Bayern will play with Italian Lazio in February and March of 2021.