Bayern Munich was exceptional today. We saw that the Munich team dominated the leading contender and scored four goals.

pre-match preparations

mid-week Champions League matches were interesting for both teams. Bayern and Dortmund both played their Champions League matches at home. Dortmund played against Inter Milan. At the same time, Bayern hosted the Greek club – Olympiakos.

Both German clubs won their Champions League home matches. Bayern scored two goals against Olympiakos, while Dortmund scored three and had incredible second-half com-back.

1st half of the match

Clubs started matched heavily. It was visible that teams could not attack at a high pace because of mid-week contests. Despite the tiredness, Bayern could score a goal in the first half. French Pavard crossed the ball in the penalty area, and Lewandowski scored a header. Robert can’t stop scoring as he could score in all rounds of the Bundesliga this season.

Teams continued the match in a massive performance. We could not see dribbles or fast counter-attacks from both sides. Jayden Sancho was entirely out of the game because of Bayern’s excellent midfield performance. 

Favre even substituted Sancho for Guerreiro on the 36th minute. As it seems, England’s winger got an injury and could not continue the match. Bayern won the first half with one goal lead.

2nd half of the match

Bayern started the second half differently. Munich team could score goals right minutes after the referee’s whistle. Thomas Muller crossed the ball, and Robert could not touch it. At the same time, Gnabry was there and could convert shot into goal after the VAR check referee said that it was the goal, and there was no offside on Gnabry. 

Robert Lewandowski scored his second goal after 30 minutes. On 76th minute, Robert got assistance from Muller and quickly netted the ball. 

Flick gave a chance to Coutinho and Perisic. Their performance was also perfect. Both substituted players took part in the fourth goal. Matt Hummels score their own goal in the 80th minute, but Bayern’s attacking line did everything to make it so.

Overall, Bayern was excellent in this match. The team had five shots on target and could score four goals. Dortmund had zero real chance, therefore zero shots on target.

Despite the win, Bayern is not the leader of the Bundesliga. Munich team has 21 points currently, and the leader of the Bundesliga has 22 points. Keep in mind that leader Monchengladbach had to play this round match tomorrow so that they can increase lead to Bayern up to 4 points.